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Motherhood - My story

The best thing that has ever happened to me. My why. My inspiration. My obsession. My passion. Here’s my story

When I became a mom last year for the first time it sparked something in me. A determination and passion that I hadn’t experienced before. If you want something so badly you will find a way am I right? For me, that was staying home to be with my baby.

I had to find a way to contribute to my household without working a corporate job. I had to find a way.

So I spent my early days on maternity leave watching YouTube searching “how to make passive income, work from home jobs, how to start a business, ways to become a SAHM”

During this time, the motherhood community welcomed me with warm open arms and I felt like I had “found my people”. Everything was so relatable and we all had one thing in common, we LOVED our babies with every piece of our being.

I wanted to create Merch for happy mamas like me. Where motherhood meant something and they could proudly wear it. Well here we are 9 months later and loving every step of the business owning journey.

I think my favorite part about it all is that I have met so many mamas and have made new excellent friends. The motherhood community holds a very special place on my heart. The absolute best part and makes me excited to wake up the next day is that I get to be with my son. ♥️

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